When the Individual Counts Social Entrepreneurship

Год: 2013
Автор: Khalifah Alfadhli
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study is an attempt to close a gap in the international social entrepreneurship (SE) literature by shedding light on four initiatives from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. It also discusses the concept of social entrepreneurship as a promising third way in the field of addressing social problems in the region. Data was collected through interviews with social entrepreneurs that have launched initiatives in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The results reveal that the GCC region is in significant need of SE initiatives and has abundant financial and human resources, but due to the high level of official bureaucracy, SE initiatives have had limited usage. Nonetheless, the social entrepreneurs have shown high efficiency in overcoming obstacles and utilizing available resources.

16 thoughts on “When the Individual Counts Social Entrepreneurship

  1. Being unreasonable is something thats been pretty much brainwashed out of us as a child.  Parents often telling us to be reasonable.  Share this with your brothers or sisters.  Dont be unreasonable they always tell you.  However, without unreason, we would not have the innovations or the thought leaders we have today.  Creativity is pretty much the same way.  A lot of children do not have parents that nurture creativity.  In fact, some people today do not have the support groups necessary to allow their success.  Are you going to be more unreasonable and creative this year?

  2. …transformation of capitalism where success is measured by the social impact it achieves
    A very nice statement mentioned…

  3. Very Interesting Speech. An unreasonable person can change society.

  4. Being unreasonable is a pre-requisite I would think to being a successful social entrepreneur. The concept of using business acumen to solve world problems is an unreasonable idea right there.

  5. The share economy is an amazing concept. Its a great start to solving plenty of the worlds issues.

  6. You cant complain about the distribution of wealth and advertise “market based” solutions for the problem at the same time…

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