The Professor

Год: 2008
Автор: Charlotte Bronte
Издательство: Oxford University Press
The Professor, written in 1845-6 before Jane Eyre, challenged contemporary expectations of the novel by its brevity, realism, and insistence on a working career both before and after marriage for its hero and heroine. William Crimsworth escapes from an uncongenial clerkship in a Yorkshire mill to find work as a teacher in Belgium. He becomes entangled with a sensuously attractive older woman, whose later, suavely cruel manoeuvres are designed to separate him from the penniless girl who is both a teacher and a pupil in her school. Strikingly up to date for its era, the action begins amid the fight for better factory conditions in the 1830s, and ends in the early 1840s with that spread of liberal ideas which would lead to the continental revolutions of 1848. This edition is based directly on the authors fair copy manuscript instead of on the corrupt text of the posthumous first edition of 1857, and includes Emma, Charlotte Brontes last, unfinished attempt to write a novel…

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  2. XD when i passed by the court through my car, i opened the windows and screamed but i couldnt hear it through the audio, so my scream is just weak

  3. Why does he rely on useless moves like putting the ball through someones legs? Besides anytime he is pressured well he misses

  4. A question to the Proffesor..
    How long do you think youre gonna keep doing this ? Till 40?

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  9. I hate when days dont play defense just because they scared the is shaken up. If you going play 1 on 1 play defense man.. When they try all these moves they wanted offender to fall for it. But they scared to put themselves in the position of fall for a trick

  10. Its not the cross I fear..its the feints that create the distance for him to sink buckets.

  11. I like this Professor! Raw, uncut.. not always worrieda bout being super nice and friendly.. just play and wreck shit!

  12. Im 58, just discovered Professor man U Rock! Love the videos. Now I have to get a basketball. Never seen anything that!

  13. Painfully bad player.
    Next you should play kindergarteners. Thats the only way to find someone worse to play.

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  19. Why doesnt professor ever bring the ball back after a miss or a
    rebound..he always wants you to check him the ball…but that puts him
    back at the triple threat position in an advantage.

  20. pls don’t make fun of me is that in the philippines ?

  21. First time subscriber. Just wanna let you know. Id play The Professor one on one. Anyplace, Anywhere, at any time. And I would completely get destroyed by him. Everytime. Seriously, it be a joke. It be 10 to zip. Im not kidding! Out of 10 games, I dont think I could score 1 point on him. Not 1. What I would do. After he got several points ahead of me. Id fake a sudden limp, and hold my leg. Then Id cry a little, and limp off. With my head hung down. Im not kidding.

  22. I love the videos where he travels and theres like a crowd of kids around and everyone is cheering. Mostly cuz I love travel vids lol.

  23. Philipines? I hope someday i could get some of his moves even if im a girl i like to play basketball

  24. This guy can shoot the ball real well. But that last shoot should have not counted he walk big time. Unless that how you play basketball?

  25. that hesitation thing is a carry… will never be called in 2000s, but it is a carry nevertheless.. i also saw up and down, traveling. He got some great skills… but the extras..

  26. Why doesnt professor ever bring the ball back after a miss or a
    rebound..he always wants you to check him the ball…but that puts him
    back at the triple threat position in an advantage.

  27. With all that body movement Professor pulls out, you know your loss is deserved.

  28. Dude you’re a savage and so fun to watch. Keep up the good work man! Love from ATL

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