Rice Production in Ghana Past, Present and Future

Год: 2013
Автор: David Boansi
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book presents some analysis of acreage, yield and output responses for rice in Ghana using Johansens maximum likelihood criteria. Data used for analysis were mainly sourced from the World Rice Statistics of IRRI (USDA estimates) and FAOSTAT (for the price of maize). Output obtained from assessment of impulse responses (on-point and accumulated responses) along with some interesting findings in this book, shows that Ghana has great potential to increase rice production. To achieve this however, there is a need for appropriate measures to be initiated and implemented to help meet the 2018 goals of the National Rice Development Strategy 2009. Such vital measures are suggested in this book.

17 thoughts on “Rice Production in Ghana Past, Present and Future

  1. You do not NEED FERTILEZER, use ducks they eat everything but not the riceplants! They do This Also in Azia!!!

  2. We need more programmes like this to educate the youth, to show them the opportunities in farming so they do waste their time waiting on the government to give them jobs. I have watched all the 8 episodes. Please dont stop there we need more. Questions like how the farmers fine buyers for their produce needs to be answered.

  3. Big up to the state for helping these farmers, with irrigation and extention officers. Planting food for jobs in the making. Well done minister Akoto Owusu Afriyie, president Akuffo Addo.

  4. Waoooo God bless all the farmers especially my precious mum hmmmm farming is not easy and they are the one helping the country but we dont respect them God bless all the farmers

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