Investigating Drought Afghanistan, a Country in Watch

Год: 2013
Автор: Ameer Muhammad
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Afghanistan, known as the battle field due to continue war since centuries and in particular last three decades. very little been done on the development side and almost nothing when it comes to re-search. It can be ranked as virgin in terms of re-search. It offer lots of area that needs exploration and where thus there is potential demand for further investigation. The author has scratched the water resources sector of the northern part of Afghanistan and in particular the dry periods known as Drought. An effort is made to further classify the drought and characterize them in to different types. In addition to this, these drought period are then classified in terms of severity and spatial distribution. In General, the study give a quick glance to the planners & Researchers of the past few decades situation and which thus can be used to predict future trauma in the region.

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  1. Kabul built by Hindu kings in past Afghanistan is a part or aryana province of aryabharatam.

    Alexander lost against Hindu king pourush badly.

  2. The Parthians seem to have been believers in small government was good government.

  3. Personally, I will NEVER forgive the Afghans with getting support from the U.S. in fighting the Soviets in their country from 1979 to 1989 just because they prefer Afghanistan to remain a feudal and backward country! I see NO REASON to be sympathetic with the people that have NO FUTURE in becoming a prosperous society through modernization. Furthermore, the U.S. and Afghans have had blood on their hands after nearly destroying the Soviet Army for a long time. Not only that, but the same so-called freedom fighters, the Mujahideen, have later became the new breed of terrorists in taking on their sponsors, the United States, as al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the Taliban.

  4. I love my country and I most sincerely hope for nothing but peace and prosperity ❤️❤️❤️

  5. i live afghanstan wat brean seti kapisa fuck taliban ashraf ghani hes mayn gran fadar

  6. Afghanis are very tough, sincere and honest people. Ive seen many Afghanis working in Karachi, some of the best people really. Love for Afghanistan ♥️

  7. So many ignorant people everywhere. What they dont realize is that the people of Afghanistan have always been mixed descendents of these conquerors who settled in the land. That includes the Medians, Achaemenids, Parthians, Ancient Macedonians, Tocharians, Turco-Mongol peoples and many many more who mixed with the existing native people of the time that happened to come before them, such as the Bactrians, other Eastern Iranic peoples, who were themselves conquerors at some point. Many of the people of Afghanistan came with these historic conquests as conquerors and settled in the land, and that is why the land is so diverse. Want to see the faces of these conquerors? Just look at the faces of the people. So its not that it has always been the same native people being subjugated all this time, as many think.

  8. The History of Afghanistan can be said as below:
    Hindu — Buddhist — Persian Zoroastrian — Islamic. Ever since it became islamic people are suffering !

  9. Can someone suggest good books on afghan history that are unbiased and can be found in Australia?

  10. Theres a part of Afghanistan that shares a tiny border with India too. You havent shown it in the map

  11. No Arab was involve it was religion that people like and converted which they fight with Muslim as war was economy and it continue till date

  12. My great grand grandparents from Afghanistan..from North Borneo. Them hidden using KHAN, when my grandfather die, them call his true name and have KHAN,,, but we not allowing using KHAN

  13. only way to bring peace to the afg by merging itself with a big power, until then it will remain unstable!

  14. Those urban folks from 4000 years ago soon saw steppe nomads of the Andronovo Culture migrate south, bringing the Aryan languages (indo-iranian). Both the written histories of Iran and India document the coming of the Aryans (having nothing to do with european nazis). The hybrid cultures that evolved in Iran would then spread back north, east and west, resulting in Iranian peoples being found also in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, western China and most of the steppe extending to Ukraine. I find these contacts of Urban and nomad peoples some the most interesting history that there is.

  15. Islam is a disease
    All non muslim countries must come together to wipe out islam from the world

  16. Your Map is wrong, Afghanistan has a physical border with india, doesnt matter if it is illegally occupied by Pakistan, doesnt change the fact the rightful owner is still india

  17. Wow. Never imagined so many civilisations were prevalent in that region. Its a wonder why everyone was so interested in occupying Afghanistan. Cant believe there was a time where there were Buddhists, Greeks in that region.

  18. Mahdi army.. Rasulullah hinted that theyre undefeated.. Afghan pashtun match that criteria..

  19. thanks for this video my father always told me how my last name was royalty (Duurani) and now i know i am.

  20. The History of Tajik-(Aria) not Afghan-(pashtun) indian.

  21. How come indians love afganistan because first they were with Russians attacked on afganistan and killed so many people now they are with America and killing our people again. Even they intact killing innocent indian muslims in there own country just because muslims eat cow meat and they are killing in these days kashmiri in kashmir and their government allowed them to do so. Even their army raped so many muslims women. India is hypocrite country if u dont believe check on u tube . Please dont make my people fool

  22. a blind men who follows an other blind men they falls in the same pit, history is made by individual pride on how they feel about their origin but on the fact, I give one example, alexandra he was 20 years old when he come to power and he died when he was 32 years old, so his trip to india and come back to babilon took around tens years yet everyone call him coqueror, but meny other known people who held ten times more land then alexander not just for ten years but for hundreds and even thousands of years yet everyone call them barbarians not a conqueror, so history is not for telling but is for profetting someones goals, so every thing you hear about history is not just a history in fact is a bunch of lies with no logic to explain specialy in this video.

  23. *slaps the roof of Afghanistan*
    This bad boi can fit in so much mountains and Persian invasions

  24. I thing one man will become a good president of afghan to win all war

  25. This documentary indicates only one thing that Afghanistan was never a peaceful country because of the invasions made by different powers but none of the invaders could maintained the occupation.

  26. Every empire ever: *tries to maintain firm grasp of a tribal mountain region*
    Every mountain tribe ever: Its over Anakin, I have the high ground!

  27. accept it or not Afghanistan and Iran are same nation with similar cultures just political borders seperate them

  28. Love and Respect to Afghanistan from India. Now Afghanistan people should strive hard to get rid of inhuman regime of Taliban !

  29. Thank you Epimetheus for the hard work. Thats why Afghanistans National Flag is made of three colors Dark, Red, Green, which mean the Enemies always trying to invade Afghanistan destroy people culture and moral, But the people of Afghanistan fight and will fight and sacrifices as always and will win victory with their blood and will restore peace as usual! Long live Afghanistan

  30. Are you reading from a paper or something? Monotone description of events that leaves audience with nothing but blah blah blah blah…

  31. The Afghanistan people do not believe in boundaries. What I like about the AFG people is that they do not have a feeling of inferiority and they will surely re-appear as a great force in the world InshaAllah and punish mischief doer bringing real peace on the planet earth…

  32. Genesis 10:20 states MADAI was the son of JAPZHETH:
    Greek mythology states MEDE was the son of JAPETUS.

    Madai: His descendants were the Madaeans, who are better known to us as the Medes. The Assyrians recorded the name as Amada; the Greeks as the Medai; and the Old Persian inscriptions speak of them as the Mada. The earliest surviving reference to the Medes that is found in secular documents, appears in the inscriptions of Shalmaneser III, king of Assyria from ca 858-824 BC, in which he tells us that he invaded the land of the Medes to plunder them of their fine horses. Both Strabo and Herodotus confirm the fact that the Medes were of Indo-European (Japhetic) origin, and we know also that their language was of this group. After 631 BC, the Medes joined with the people of Askuza (or the Ashchenazim, see 3) and those of Gomer (the Cimmerians) in an attempt to throw off the Assyrian yoke (see Map 1). (Refs: 1DB 3:220. NBD Medes 801-2. JA P 1:26)

    The 3rd son of Noah was Japheth: Genesis 6[10] And Noah begat three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

    In the Old Testament, Japheth migrated westward from Babel and his offspring became the tribes of Europe.

    Japheth fathered two branches of mankind — one which migrated into Europe and became some of the various peoples of Europe, and one which migrated eastward and became the Hindu people.

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  33. Status in the mind of vulture s is perhaps on the bases of History future is what worries the warmongers in Light of prediction made by Prophet Muhammad MPBUH future is no different too

  34. Excellent work loved this video!! In a nutshell past 5000 years of this land Afghans only enjoyed 2000 years of peace and 3000 years of wars. We all Afghans are thirsty for PEACE ✌️.

  35. 6:00 you say Pashtuns are the largest in Afghanistan. They were not the largest then and are not the largest now.

  36. There was Sikh empire till 1849 Kabul, Kandahar under Maharaja Ranjit Singh Sikh rule

  37. A famous line in Catch-22 was about why Italy always managed to survive as a country and a people, and it was because of losing.
    Watch this and see if you agree in a way with the old man…

    Perhaps that is why Afghanistan as a nation or whatever you want to call it, has lasted so long.

    1. No, Afghanistan is completely different. Unlike Italy, the land Afghanistan is very dynamic, and has never been a nation but rather a fragmentary region populated by many many different independent peoples, and even the modern Afghanistan is actually still not a unified nation. Italy and most other countries have been largely one people and much less complex and have remained that way for a long time, mainly because they had to deal with less internal conflicts. Additionally Afghanistan is not a land where its people have lost many wars, in fact they are known to be very warlike and on many occasions defended themselves and their land successfully, unlike Italy. So your analogy is bullshit. Its not that simple.

  38. In Bulgarain culture Bactria meaning is like a kind of Bulgarian.

  39. Ghaznavids

    Turkic empires

  40. you did not tell all the truth about afghanistan
    you did not tell about Hazara people in afghanistan which is the most important issue

  41. Why did you not mention Peshawar the second largest city of Afghanistan before the British took it and sold it to modern day Pakistan?? Seems you need to do a bit more history because you just missed a fat chunk

  42. World: *2 million Army in total invade afghanistan for the next 50 years*
    Afghanistan: Am I a joke to you?

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