Genetic studies in okra

Год: 2015
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In okra, a number of varieties have been developed which possess resistance to Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus (YVMV). Little attention has been given to breed varieties resistant to shoot and fruit borer, which is one of the serious insect- pests and causes 41.60 per cent losses in different parts of India. However, according to earlier workers, Earias species infestation may reach as high as 60.68 per cent. Further, control strategies for this pest are exclusively based on the chemicals that are harmful in view of frequent harvesting of fruits (2-3 times a week). The injudicious use of pesticides for controlling the pest also poses serious health problems by polluting the environment. Development of resistant/tolerant varieties/hybrids against the pest appears to be eco-friendly and the safest viable alternative.Therefore, ten highly/ fairly resistant and less susceptible genotypes found under natural infestation conditions were used as females in line x tester mating design. Among various…

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  1. These videos are just Awesome. I just moved into my first house, and im planning on starting my first garden. Thanks for the info man.

  2. Years ago, I had the pleasure of eating breaded okra whilst visiting inlaws in the USA. Up until recently, I didnt know what sort of plant it grew on. What struck me were the attractive flowers that make most varieties of Okra interesting to look at. A lot of people ignore the beauty of plants often grown as vegetables. If we take a bit of extra time to study the anatomy of vegetables, we can appreciate them a lot more. Why not allow a vegetable to serve as both food and something neat to look at?

  3. Not sure about the variety I am trying for the first time as the seeds were posted from Malaysia to Austria. However, if you could update your video about the common pests which attach okra plants, that would be highly useful for your audience. Please, no pesticides as I think more and more growers prefer organic vegetables, less harmful to the environment and insect life + bees.

  4. I grew okra this past summer. It did not do so well as compared to last year for some reason. I grew it in mushroom compost, native soil, and azomite. The seeds I used this year were from the plants I grew last year. I think the seeds were just bad idk.

    1. +EndUser2090 Okra is not a very easy plant to grow and needs quite hot weather as well. Yes maybe the seeds were not good. Try with a fresh batch next season. Good luck!

  5. I plow the ground about 8 inches deep and till in some 19-19-19 fertilizer. Space seeds about 8 inches apart, 2 seeds to a hole then thin out one plant later in case only one plant grows. My spineless gets about 14 feet high and I get about 25 okra from each plant all the way into October, before first frost, if you keep it pruned.

    1. +Sandeep Sachdeva Any granular complete fertilizer like this one:

  6. its high 60s and nights 40s in OC, ca but im so anxious, im put some seeds down in the garden. *fingers crossed*

  7. Well I just feel like coming to your garden and learn gardening.I have Okra seeds and will try in May.Thanks for the video.

    1. +R Atwal Thank you! Yes you should try it out, fresh okra is just amazing. Here in LA the okra is not only expensive but not so fresh. God luck! Wish you a Happy New Year!

  8. Hmmm. Ive been growing okra plants too, they are short but, they already have little okra pods.. And it has like an egg of insects. And the leaves are starting to have white leaves

    1. +Katrina Dizon Most likely white flies or aphids. Bathe them with a soapy solution, let it dry and hose off with water. Should hep, good luck!

  9. Thank you for taking the time to film, edit and posting such helpful videos. Okra is great vegetable.

    1. +Losha Ram Thank you! Soil should be at least 8 inches deep for okra. Hope that helps!

  10. Love your videos. I especially appreciate how you continue to document the growth of plants throughout the season so we can see the results.

  11. Hi there. Yes, indeed, lots of hard work in all your videos. This video took about half a year! Thats a lot of patience and very well organized. Thumbs up!!!!

  12. great! i have never try lady finger/orka. but its nice veg. i have at least a week in my dinner. i am growing different cherry tomatoes, specially sungold(inspired by your video) and also many beafsteak tomatoes.

    1. +umar ufx Nice to know you have okra once a week. Here okra is quite expensive and the grocery store okra is not fresh. So I usually grow okra every year. Also nice to know you are growing different tomato varieties. Happy Gardening!

  13. I have started growing okra this year. I live in central Texas and I sowed in March. This year the weather is cooler than before, it gets down into the 50s during the night. So far they seem to be doing well.

  14. Cool video, just a feedback we should never tussle with the fruits. It shocks the plant. E. G. I was reading in the net if we cut okra pud with knife the next okra would come from there. I see u were bending it a lot for harvesting.

  15. Hi, I plan to sow okra seeds in raised bed. I saw in one of your videos that you use Organic potting soil from Costco. Do I need to buy compost separately and mix with potting soil?

    1. +Deepa Nigam Potting soil from Costco already has compost so you do not need to add anything else!

  16. Thank you so much for the video. I know it is late, but I planted my Clemson 10 days ago (August 15) and it looks like your picture at 25 days. I put the seeds in a soil mixed with horse manure compost so it is rich. It is growing crazy and I am hoping to have okra before the frost. I am located in North Alabama and the temp here is a steady low to mid 90s lately.

  17. I also would like to thank you for this video. I am especially grateful that it shows the whole process. Much more educational when we can see it start to finish.

    1. +Windy Hill Nice to know you liked the video. Happy Gardening!

  18. What was your favorite okra to grow? I would like to grow some this coming season. Thank you for your efforts 🙂

    1. +Eric Glass Thanks! I think the Clemson Spineless and the Louisiana Velvet are are my favorite varieties. Didnt like the Emerald too much but its still good, produces okra too thick (and not long)!

  19. I want to grow okra this year. I live in Oakland, Ca. Kinda scared, do they require hot weather and when do you plant?

    1. +Gale Woods Interestingly, I just started my okra seeds indoors this season, way in advance. I usually sow okra in May but the varieties I am growing this year are different and I will be keeping them until April or so before planting. But ideally okra is best grown in the warm summer months. It will grow until October here in SoCal. Hope that helps!

  20. I like okra but i find that bug and insects like them so much. Since i dont like using pesticide i just avoid planting them.

    1. Plant Marigold flowers throughout your garden very close to vege. plants. The smell and oils from the Marigold deter a lot of different kinds of bugs

    2. +quarterswing Yes insects do like okra. Use soapy water to get rid of most bugs!

  21. Hi Sir, great coordination….I too grew Okra last month n was doubtful about the right season. Its few inch tall n will have to wait 1 more mth for the pods. I use liquid fertilizer. Thanks for the video you answered my questions. Happy New year Sir.

    1. +Padmaja Mohan Nice to know you are growing okra. Happy New year to you too! Best Wishes!!

  22. Love your videos and wishing your viewers and family a Merry Christmas. I have growing the Burmese variety of okra which gives me a larger fruit before they toughen up.

    1. +boilednuts Happy Holidays to you and your family! Nice to know about the Burmese okra, will check it out!

  23. Hi, I was looking forward to a recipe following. Lol Happy Holidays to you and your family and thank you so much for teaching me ALL that you know

    1. +princessZ44 LOL I did put a recipe in my previous okra video. See here: — Thanks for your feedback and nice to know you are learning from the techniques. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  24. 0:15 Watching in 2017 and I realized how much the subscriber count has grown in only about a year. Keep up the good work and keep growing!

    1. Thank you very much! Is because of comments like this from YOU, my viewers that I get motivated to produce my videos. Happy Gardening!

  25. Issue with my Okra  my plants developed a powder mold on the leaves so I used a baking soda along with a little dish soap to get rid of it along with cutting away the infected leaves my problem is now the okra has  developed like bites or pimples on it not all the okra have this even on the same plant it is spineless Clemson I see no pest on the plants what could it be any ideas I can send pics if you like but I wont sell this until its resolved I just planted another 150 seeds.

    1. Try spraying with neem oil. This is a ready to use mix which works very well:

  26. you work very hard to shoot videos… lots of appreciation.. this is dec n u started documentary in may.

    1. +ziyana naaz Thank you for your appreciation! Nice to know you like my videos and efforts!

  27. Thank you very much for producing such excellent videos! Whenever I get an idea to grow something new, your vids pop up on my searches. I was given okra seeds and I know nothing about how to grow. This vid — like all the others that Ive viewed are informative, entertaining, clear, to-the-point, and always educational.

  28. I just had a great summer harvest of clemson spineless okra here in Florida. I actually grew them in clusters of 6 small plants in my raised garden bed and they grew perfectly fine together, and produced a ton of okra for me until hurricane Irma decided to blow them away..sad..but it could have been a lot worse.

  29. Thank you for sharing. Do you trim off most of the side leaves and stems as the plant grows?

  30. I grow some okra plants this season but didnt come out good thanks for giving good ideas

  31. Clemson variety yes that is our favorite! Produces bumper crop year after year.
    here in the south if you can grow weeds you can just about grow okra!
    Great informative post once again!

    1. +Linda Ellis They actually do well in containers. See this video where most of the okra I grew were in containers:

  32. I love okra my favorite is fried or pickled! In the US it is eaten mostly in the southern states.

    1. Yes, well, its easier to grow in the warmer states, and it was something known to many of the African slaves from their native countries. So …no surprise its mostly eaten in the South!

  33. I just order all kind of seedling lol,I get inspired from you guys I also order the clemson spineless okra,I love okra cook them a lot,how your soil like dark?.

    1. +Marietta Brennan Nice to know my videos inspired you to start gardening. Also nice to know you love okra because I too love the flavor of okra and I could eat it almost everyday LOL.

  34. I grow Clemson Spineless in Austin TX and i can tell you it LOVES the hot weather. Its 100 F right now and my plants are happy and produce abundant okra as long as I keep them watered.

    1. +Midwest Gardener Nice to know you will be growing it next season. Good luck!

  35. We plow the ground, lay off the rows, and plant it in the ground. None of that raised bed crap.

  36. How wonderful that you have a planting assistant : ) Great Okra Season!! I never tried growing Okra. maybe this May. I am moving to containers this year. Do they do well in containers?

    1. +SureHowDoYouKnow Haha thanks, you noticed the little helper 🙂 Yes you can grow okra in containers. In fact in my first okra video (this one: I grew them almost all in containers and got good yields. 5 gallon or larger containers work well. Good luck and Wish you a very Happy New Year!!

  37. Another incredible video of explaining growth at each stage. Well done and very informative!

    1. +Jeff Bernhard (The Executive Gardener) Thank you, glad you liked it!

  38. I have plenty of okra in my yard. Loved making okra curry or just boiled or grilled.

  39. When is it time to end harvesting season for okra. Last yap ear I pulled up my pants and still had pods growing in them. Must say they were healthy but production had slowed down.

    1. Okra stops growing around beginning of fall which is around 3rd week of October for Zone 10

  40. I always love your videos! Ive been watching quite a few videos on experiments with pruning them at about 4 feet and although it slows down production for a couple of weeks, many side shoots develop and the production becomes even greater until frost. Im going to try it out.

  41. Thanks for your efforts making videos. It feeds our love of hands-on gardening, reading about gardening, watching videos—anything to do with gardening. Is that you in a financial advertisement? I have listened to you so much that I think I recognized your voice and actual face briefly in an online commercial.

    1. +Maria HillCountryHick Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated. I havent appeared in an advertisement/commercial for any financial product/company so thats not me 🙂 But thanks for asking!

  42. At what point after okra seeds are planted, would you recommend adding fertilizer? You mentioned fish, weed, tomato food etc as possibilities. Are all the 3 required to be added?

    1. After around a month, when the plants are a few inches tall. you can add fish and seaweed OR tomato food

  43. Never tasted Okra but me get grow one or two plants. Dos you stake them indibidually?

    1. +Marina Wilson You should taste some okra before you try to grow. Not one of the easiest plants to grow and requires hot weather. They dont need staking as they have strong stems. Hope that helps!

  44. Yes, I also grow okra and the variety is of Clemson spineless. The same as of you!

  45. thanks for a great video. I want to grow okra this year. I have a balcony garden, can I grow this varity in containers?

  46. I am loving your videos! Very beautifully done thank you so much for all your efforts to teach us for free. Just subscribed to your videos

  47. Thanks for the wonderful video! It was very informative! I planted some of the Clemson spineless okra this year. It is the first time I have ever planted okra. We also have three tomato plants hanging upside down in buckets on our fence. So far we have four green tomatoes and are anxiously waiting to taste some red tomatoes! Looking forward to having some okra, too!

    1. +wonderlucha Yes it tastes very good! You should try eating it before you try to grow it. Okra cannot be eaten raw but shallow stir fried with spices, it tastes amazing with rice. Its like eating a vegetarian version of rice and fried fish!

    1. +Darkfalz79 Nice to know your okra pods are growing well. The fresh pods taste amazing, dont they! Cant get such fresh okra from the store here. They are mostly dry and black in color at the grocery store.

  48. The flowers are so pretty. Can you show what you do with them after harvesting?
    To plant a garden is to believe in the future.

    1. +Louise B There is a recipe here for the okra pods: — We usually cook our okra this way after harvest!

  49. Great video — Thank you! I plan on growing Okra next year, but in large planters as Im living in a townhouse and no yard to speak of. This video really lets me know what to expect! Ill document my journey on FB (

  50. Thank you for your videos. Because of this video, I now know I can start harvesting. 🙂

  51. Awesome videos dude. I watch all of your videos. I live in Arizona and have decent garden in out yard.

    1. +Rajesh VP Thank you, nice to know you watch all my videos and that you have a nice garden in AZ. Happy Gardening!

  52. Clemson spineless is my favorite.  I really enjoyed the video.

  53. For the first time growing Okra I am impressed my okra is over 6 I planted late but I have 5, 20 rows and harvest every 3 days 4 long is best so my wife says I dont eat it but she loves it she eats it raw or I make her a stewed tomato basil onion they were easy to grow and the okra Im growing is the same Clemson Spineless . We also sell them and give them away to friends.

  54. Man you are a wealth of information, guess comes from experience. Thanks for this video.

  55. In my country we growing up eating okra pretty much 3times a week. Im 40 years old never had healthy problems and never visit a doctor.

    1. Nice to know you eat a lot of okra. My kids eat okra almost everyday!

  56. hello brother how are you… I like your video. …. but I want know …. which fertilizers use when we seed is sowing… and when seed is germinate then which fertilizers use to grow faster. .?

    1. +Sandeep Sachdeva Thank you! You do not need to use any fertilizer when seed sowing but after germination just use a slow release or liquid fertilizer. Hope that helps!

  57. I want to try growing some. Do you think its to late in the summer to give it a try? Im in san Diego.

  58. My okra plants are very short but still trying to produce some pods !! Can the stunted growth be due to my planting earlier in the season ? Or they are not expected to be tall before starting to produce pods ?

  59. I notice taro root in the bed? Are those a companion plant? great vid as always!

    1. +The Mixing Station Great observation. Not really companion plant but I had to plant two taro plants somewhere. Interestingly, this harvest video is from the same plant:

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