Educational Exclusion of Dalits in Nepal

Год: 2011
Автор: Lekha Nath Poudel
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is concentrated on the issue of exclusion of Dalits from education in Nepal. It examines the educational exclusion of Dalits in Nepal by analysing power, knowledge and pedagogy. It analyses the extent to which the hierarchical caste system and educational policies and practices create exclusionary pressures upon Dalits. This is an attempt to listen to Dalit voices and experiences about educational exclusion by contextualising and representing Dalit agency within the changing political, cultural and socio-economic context of Nepal. The analysis challenges and contests the pathological stereotypes of Dalits and contributes to the literature concerned with understanding culturally specific issues of educational inclusion and exclusion. It suggests that developing inclusion involves a process of understanding and changing exclusionary and discriminatory power relations in which the process of change involves a continuous political and social struggle.

36 thoughts on “Educational Exclusion of Dalits in Nepal

  1. What are the policy made by the government for the upliftment of these downtrodden people?? Reply here if there is… Anyone

  2. Frenemy…your evil religion has no appeal outside india and nepal because of its barbaric and satanic practises. A religion that openly violates the human rights of fellow human beings is evil. The abuse you referred to in the catholic church was not perversive and has been rectified but your oppresive hindu religion has been existing for centuries with no hope of reform to the enslaved dalits. In addition, hindu societies are the most rapist and the most intolerant of widows in the world. Check india and see what I mean.

    1. Maybe . The People who dont believe in God is rising in the west , Those who believe in God and their church would want their followers to grow in other countries (New followers are very orthodox) , and those who dont believe in god (atheists) with compare their experience with Abrahamic ones and try to show other religion (eastern) in bad lights.

  3. If there born in low caste is not their problem , If Hinduism is based on discriminating there own people , these people should find an alternative religion . Everyone need some respect

  4. Religion poisons everything. Those poor people… born into a certain place and a certain family and bam youre marked for life :/
    regardless of how good a person you are, probably better than many of the higher class ones…

  5. Our Hindu ancestors treated terribly at some communities and thanks to Dr. Ambedkar for rescuing them. I know every country and every religion had a dark past but we have to move on by not repeating those mistakes again.

  6. Hinduism is a retarded religious beliefs. All human being shoud be treated with equality and respect. The caste system should be abolish immediately. There is no place for it on our planet.

  7. lol they look fairer and prettier than most high caste hindus.

    1. this women belong to caste called sarki. they are fairer among other dalits. biswa caste and damai caste are also dalits but they are lot darker in skin color.

    2. yeah guys I am also dalit I am not that preety but in my caste some girls look preety.

  8. Fortunately India had Dr.Ambedkar to rescue OBC/SC/STsand Women from rotten Caste System

    1. For your kind information, there is a strict rule against caste discrimination in Nepal too. Only rules are not enough, there should be changed within the society. If you compare to the caste discrimination in india with Nepal, then we had much better situation. In nepal, except the rare incident of caste discrimination there is no physical violence, killing , expulsion from locality and other heinous activities which are very common in india.

  9. Caste system is not a part of Hinduism according to its scripture. It is a social issue not a religious issues. Many time it is miscoated by supid people..

    1. Not to Mention ,Historically Once you were in a Caste system , You cannot be Slaved. There was no slavery in the ancient Hindu Times.

    2. Y2Kvids what about their different sects work as a caste in Islam and Christian..

    3. It is social . Just look at Christian amd Muslim caste system among the converts in India.

  10. Lovely. This is long over due In many places in the world. We also must treat other life forms much better, especially our factory food animals.

  11. This is absolute nonsense.what type of religion is this that is grounded in discrimination.what has the government being doing? They should quit the religion and convert to other religion. Hindu is no religion but a perverted cult. Everybody is equal before God anything different is false. God did not create the caste system…it was created by evil men from an evil religion.

    1. @Rabin Dhewaju no it teaches you to drink cow piss and throw widows on fire

    2. I love to follow Hinduism
      And it teaches us in every unfavorable condition and suffer
      be calm n happy n find the solution
      without any tension

  12. Stories of hope & determination! A good report from a remote place 🙂

  13. Blame Bramins for the caste system, They invented, perfected and developed it all the way………..

    1. Its nepalese descriminating nepalese. also both dalits and high castes belong to same ethnicity which is khas. only khas ethnicity has caste system.

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